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Precision Therapeutics

Oncodrex is developing a pipeline of drug candidates targeting unique molecular signatures that are drivers of metastases. Oncodrex is developing a companion diagnostic assay that detects unique molecular signature. The scientific program based on preclinical studies aims at selecting patients most likely to respond to Oncodrex’s targeted therapies.

Indication Preclinical Phase1/1b Phase 2 Anticipated Milestone 2019
Companion Diagnostic Pancreatic Cancer Results from Confirmatory Study from CLIA Labs
Breast Cancer
Small Molecule Inhbitor Pancreatic Cancer Preclinical Efficacy Study
Breast Cancer

Oncodrex is an oncology company focused on developing simple biomarker(s) based tests for cancers and precision therapeutics. Oncodrex is developing precision therapeutics against unique molecular signatures that drive tumor progression and metastases.