Microsource Technologies


Oncodrex is an oncology company focused on developing simple biomarker(s) based tests for cancers:
  • Screening
  • Diagnostic
  • Predictive
  • Companion tests

Oncodrex’s lead technology is a simple blood test for colorectal cancer (CRC) screening and early detection.

CRC, despite being one of the most treatable cancers, is the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Due to the absence of specific and sensitive screening tests, CRC progresses into advance stages dramatically, thereby reducing its prognosis. Lifetime costs associated with CRC patients in Canada is more than $1.5 billion. A cost effective, sensitive and specific screening test for CRC would reduce this economic burden and significantly increase the survivability and quality of life of CRC patients.

Given the high mortality rates in CRC patients, there is an urgent need for a convenient, more accurate and cost-effective screening test that could triage patients for more intensive procedures such as colonoscopy. This would improve patient compliance and clinical outcomes.

Oncodrex’s blood test is based on multiple genes overexpressed in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of CRC patients and, most importantly, in individuals with adenomatous polyps (polyps with high potential of transforming into CRC) compared to healthy subjects or individuals with hyperplastic polyps (benign polyps). Oncodrex’s blood test is a cost effective, sensitive, specific and simple test that would increase the compliance rate among the general population of 50 years and above.

A prototype blood test that was developed and validated in a small cohort demonstrated that this blood test is highly sensitive to colorectal adenomatous polyps and cancer.

Oncodrex’s blood test for CRC screening is an easy, cost effective, highly sensitive and specific test that detects pre-malignant polyps and CRC. Unlike other CRC screening tests, its unique ability to identify pre-malignant polyps (adenomas) is highly attractive to payers. Oncodrex’s strategy is to highlight this aspect of the test and to work with various Regulatory Agencies to obtain pre-market approval for the product (US, Canada, Europe). The market for CRC screening is expected to grow as current medical practice recommends that everyone over the age of 50 participate in a CRC screening program.